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Custom Fitting


Golfers come in all shapes and sizes, each golfer has a unique swing, address and playing style. Buying a standard set of clubs off-the-shelf may not be suitable for all our golfers, which is why we offer custom club fitting. If you feel you may need to have your new clubs adjusted before recieving them then call our custom fitting department on 0844 209 6 209. Our custom fitters are more than happy to advise or assist golfers with fitting and ordering golf clubs which are best suited to them. Most of the golf clubs we supply can be custom fit for lie angle, shaft type and length, and grip type and size, providing the club you want with the specifications which best fit your swing.

Your height and club address can often determine whether you need to adjust your clubs. A tall person with long arms can very easily require shorter clubs than an average height person with short arms. About 80% of golfers are Standard length

If you stand at address with a club and look at how the bottom of the clubhead is touching the ground you will know how your lie should be adjusted. If the middle bottom of the clubhead is on the ground then the lie of the club is perfect. If the toe of the club is pointing up in the air and the heel of the club is on the ground then this means that your current lie is too upright and needs to be made flatter. If the heel of the club is in the air and the toe is on the ground then the club is too flat and needs to be made more upright.

Shorter players generally prefer a flatter lie (the hosel bent down) to adjust for the fact that their arms are closer to the ground. Taller players generally prefer a more upright lie (the hosel bent up) to help them adjust for their arms and torso being higher up.

Shorter than 5 ft, 2 inches 3 degrees flat
5 ft, 2 inches - 5 ft, 5 inches 2 degrees flat
5 ft, 5 inches - 5 ft, 8 inches 1 degrees flat
5 ft, 8 inches - 6 ft Standard lie
6 ft - 6 ft, 2 inches 1 degree upright
6 ft, 2 inches - 6 ft, 5 inches 2 degrees upright
Taller than 6 ft, 5 inches 3 degrees upright


We offer custom options on most brands of golf equipment. If you feel that you require a custom fitted set of clubs, please contact one of our qualified golf advisors who can talk you through the process:

Via email: Orders@JustGolfonline.co.uk

Or call the custom fit team on: 0844 209 6 209.

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